Big Max

Big Max

How did I come up with the name “Big Max’s Studio”? Here’s the short story.

Throughout the firm’s life it’s had a couple of different names and a couple of different partners. After the last partnership I decided it was time to change the name, again. Unfortunately, at this same time we had to put our big lovable lab, Max of 13 years down. A few weeks later with much excitement I came home and announced that I had found a new name for the firm. The only comment, “what to now?” I replied, “Big Max’s Studio!” It was the first time I seen a smile in weeks and I knew I had picked the right name.

There is only one way to describe “Big Max” a typical lovable black lab who wanted nothing more than a few extra biscuits a day and at all times to be under your feet.


The Designer

The Designer

Big Max’s Studio brings a harmonious blend of style and purpose to all of our projects. For over 15 years, Big Max’s Studio has provided companies, professionals and the general public with affordable quality graphic designs that command attention.

We work with your personal input to achieve a design that creates a final product that is as stunning as it is practical. We guarantee your design will be high-end and work for whatever application it was designed for.

We are a full service graphic design firm with and our areas of expertise include: logo designs that represent the true essence of your business • unique (not out of the box) invitations and announcements • targeted branding and company identity packages • exclusive business cards, letterhead and envelopes • eye catching postcards • brochures • state-of-the–art websites • wordpress blog templates.


Thoughts from Big Max

Why I switched from Gravity Forms to Caldera Forms

I had been a Gravity Forms developer user since 2010. That was until this past November when I decided not to renew my license. I didn’t and still don’t have any complaints with Gravity Forms. Their support is superior. Especially in the beginning when I couldn’t seem...

Why I prefer Tribulant’s Checkout over WooCommerce

I’m beginning to think I’m the only one who is not a fan of the WooCommerce plugin. With a client, I first took a look at the plugin in 2012. We both liked the idea of it being “free.” But we soon found out that free did come with a price. Most of what the client...

Build Only vs. Build, Host and Maintain

The other day, a business associate Stan and I were discussing whether or not it is no longer profitable to host and maintain client websites. The question we put out there; would we be better off just building them and then sending the client on their way? We’ve have...

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