Like many on New Year’s morning, I decided it was time to get back to my regular walking workouts after a holiday full of way too much food and cheer. In Fort Lauderdale, it was one of the beautiful clear winter day mornings that so many come here for.

Walking at my usual rapid clip, I hover between 15 to 17-minute miles, I was on the home stretch in an area of my neighborhood with no sidewalks. Actually, very little of my neighborhood has sidewalks, but in this particular area, the street is more dangerous as most drivers drive as though they are on the Indianapolis Speedway.

It’s only a block and a half that I have to trek through this danger zone, and since it was New Year’s morning, I figured traffic should be minimal and at least the crazies who are rushing to working should be off the road. Staying inside of the white line, i.e. the side of the road where cars aren’t supposed to be, I thought I should be safe. The yard next to the road, and I use that term loosely is unpleasant to walk in as its nothing but weeds and dog poop. Undesirable to say the least to walk through.

As I head into the zone, I see a car coming at me, as it gets closer it’s veering more and more to the side of the road. Just as I hit the area with the nasty yard, I move quickly to get out of the car’s way when the next thing I knew, I was face down in the weeds. The car passes me, stops and as soon as I get up, takes off.

Standing up I dust myself off, look down and see my knee is scrapped, my hands have some scraps on them, but my right arm is killing me. I can move it up and down, out to the right and to the back. With this much movement, I decided that I haven’t torn my rotator cuff. No, I don’t have a medical degree, but from what I know of torn rotator cuffs, supposedly you can’t move your arm very well in any direction.

Wanting nothing more than a shower when I got home, it was in the shower when I found out what I couldn’t do with my right arm and the fun of adapting to it. As I went to wash my hair, my right arm was in no mood to do that. Have you ever washed your hair with one hand?

As with washing my hair, my right arm also saw no reason to participate in the activity of washing my face. Have you ever washed your face with one hand?  By this time, I beginning to wonder if the right side of my body is going to get clean.

With my shower being completed, I ventured to the activity of brushing my teeth. I really never found the need for an electric toothbrush until now. You guessed it; my right arm didn’t want to participate in this activity either. I’m surprised my gums weren’t bleeding for as many times I rammed my toothbrush into them using my left hand.

I’m exhausted but now must get dressed. Ouch, using my right hand and arm to pull up shorts sent shooting pains through my arm. As with so many other things, my left hand, and arm, now have the duty of getting my pants up also. Luckily, I can still lift my right arm straight up so putting on a shirt was a simple task, thankfully. I’m exhausted and thinking of just going back to bed, but I must deal with my hair.

Actually, doing my hair was easier than I thought. I hold the hairdryer with my left hand and my right arm was willing to move in the directions I needed it. With my hair done, I was ready for the rest of the day. I’m exhausted.

It has now been a week and my two-inch arm ban bruise of shades of yellow, green and purple is almost gone. Every day I can do more and more with my right arm, so I’m still convinced I didn’t tear my rotator cuff. It’s been interesting to learn exactly how I use my dominant arm in everyday life. Who thought putting a key in the door and turning it would cause so much pain?

Other than walking my lab Hank in the morning, I’ve given up walking for a while. With school and work back in session, I’m no longer up for defensive walking. Besides I’ve taken up a 30-minute online barre exercise program that has me using muscles that I haven’t used in at least 40 years. Surprisingly, I’m not sore, and walking is still an option.

I do have one request, if you live in an area without sidewalks and someone is walking, please for the love of Pete, pay attention and give them some room. This is probably too big of a request for the drivers of South Florida. There is a reason the area is continually designated as one with the worst drivers in the nation.

I’m beyond thankful I wasn’t seriously injured and am full speed ahead in the office working on getting clients websites up to date for the new year. Have you reviewed your website for the new year, if not, let’s chat?