My father came from a large family during the Great Depression; he was number nine out of ten brothers and sisters. By the time anything got to him five older brothers had already worn it or had used it. Consequently, he never wanted to get rid of anything. He knew there was always going to be another use for it or he was going to restore it. Unfortunately, he passed away three years ago and left my mother, brother and me with a whole lot of stuff to figure out what to do with.

One of the things we have left to restore or better yet sell is a 1970 Elm Green VW Bug. While walking around it last month I stopped, took another look, and said to myself, “Wow, does the WordPress logo look like the VW logo, or is it just me?” Does anyone else see the resemblance?

By the way, the VW is for sale, it’s quite rusty, hasn’t been driven for at least 30 years. I’m sure by now you can only imagine what the interior looks like. It now has white fenders, not sure how that happened. Oh, and true to Dad’s nature, we also have two extra white fenders and a bumper. My brother and I both have mixed feelings about selling it, as it was the car we learned how to drive in. That being said, we’ve come to realize that neither of us is ever going to drive it again and much like Humpty Dumpty it does need a loving home that will put it back together again.

Currently, I don’t have any pictures but can get some if anyone is interested.

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