Nothing seems to be changing faster than how we design websites.

When I started designing websites years ago, choices were minimal. Now it is possible to make your website look just like a company’s printed brochure and even more.

But the most substantial change is that websites are responsive. Translation, no matter what device a client/customer is looking at your site it works.

Just a few years ago everyone was getting either a “mobi” or an “m.” address and using third party software to make their sites work on mobile devices. Today if your site is designed correctly by using responsive design coding, that’s just an unnecessary expensive. All of our websites are design with responsive design coding.

As typical with any shoemaker’s kid, Big Max’s Studio was not responsive. Today it is.

Does the design of your site look “tired” or is it responsive?

I am an awarding winning logo and website designer who when not designing logos and websites, likes to write about how the industry has changed and what it looks to become in the future. I started designing websites around 1995. For the past 8 years, all sites have been developed in WordPress. Originally, I would develop the site in HTML and then convert those files to WordPress. Today all child themes are built on the framework of Divi. Guest blogger at 3lovablelabs,  Tropic Moon Media, and Patti & Hank.

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