print design

ads, brochures and political campaigns

I have been designing ads from neighborhood magazines to national magazines such as Luxe and Architectural Digest, books (covers and insides), brochures, catalogs, rack cards and everything needed for a political campaign for 20 years. I began my career as a graphic designer when we still used tools such as radiograph pens and rubylith. You had a photograph to work with, and glued it for “F.P.O.”

Ad Design

  • l'Hermitage Magazine Ad Campaign
  • New River Fine Art Ad
  • I'Hermitage Magazine Ad
  • Tim Elmes Group Ad
  • New River Fine Art Ad
  • Tim Elmes Group

Books, Brochures, Catalogs and Rack Cards

  • Think you can't write?
  • Port St. Joe Brochure
  • Lisa Curtin & Associates Brochure
  • Onsite Clinic Brochure
  • Marina Bay Brochure
  • Lorelei Brochure
  • Eduardo de San Angel
  • Rack Card for Lauderdale Yacht Charters
  • Tim Elmes Group
  • New River Fine Art Catalog for Purvis Young
  • Salvador Dali Catalog for New River Fine Art


Political Campaigns

  • Evan Jenne Magazine Ad
  • Congressman Allen West Invitation
  • Barbar Stern Campaign
  • Barbar A. Stern Campaign Sign
  • Judge Rodriguez Campaign Sign
  • Judge Susan Lebow Campaign Sign
  • Evan Jenne Campaign Sign


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