The nightmare with my Skype account and Microsoft.

Last Saturday, I received a text from 723-873 stating that my phone number had been “deleted from ng***** Not you?” I had no idea who either 723-873 or ng***** were so I didn’t think much about. Later in the day, I received the following email from Microsoft but it went to my spam account.

Skype - Big Max's Studio

On Sunday, I decided to see what was going on with my Skype account. Suddenly, I can’t log in to Skype on any of my devices. My password is stored on all of them so I know it’s correct, but I keep getting a message saying “Password incorrect.”  While attempting to change the password on my iPhone, I get a message “This can’t be done on your phone. You need to log in to a computer.” Following the directions, I attempt to log in to my computer, when the email address ng***** comes up asking if this is me. I select the radio button “No, it’s not me.”

With that selection, I’m taken a five-page questionnaire asking for:

  • my username
  • my email address
  • my telephone number
  • my last two passwords used
  • three people in my address book
  • purchases I have made with Skype

I answer the questions but heard nothing from Microsoft. After I hit the submit button I was told it could take up to 24 hours to hear anything, so I decided to wait until Monday to do anything else.

By Monday afternoon, I still had not heard anything from Microsoft, so I resorted to “Live Chat” for answers. I was seventh in line, but, there was a notice that they were “Getting more calls than normal and the wait might be long.” No problem I thought, I can work while I wait. An hour and a half later, I finally get technician Emerilyn.

After explaining the situation to Emerilyn, she (I’m guessing by the name the person was female) immediately told me not to worry, that she understood I was very concerned and that she’d have everything straighten out quickly. Well, thirty minutes later after going round and round about what she wanted me to do and what I kept telling her I had already done, I relented and filled out the questionnaire again.

Fifteen minutes later, I get the following response from Microsoft:

Skype - Big Max's Studio

I’m not going to submit the form again. The answers I gave on Monday are the same answers I’m going to give now. My original Skype account that I had for more years than I can remember is now in the hands of ngfhetnryertynut74w. I’ll never understand why ngfhetnryertynut74w wanted my Skype account. What I do understand is, if this happens to you don’t waste your time with Microsoft, just open a new account.

Oh and the fun with the new accounts, you don’t get to pick your username. So instead of bigmaxsstudio, which made sense to me, I’m now patti.1516. I guess there are 1516 Patti’s on Skype. Shocking!

What I am thankful for is, I never uploaded my entire address book to Skype. The addresses ngfhetnryertynut74w got were only the people I communicated with on Skype. If you start getting a lot of spam from ngfhetnryertynut74w on Skype, I’m sorry, Please remember it’s not really me.

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