Client Terralsole is a vineyard in Montalcino, Italy. It is owned by Mario and Athena Bollag. For several years they tried to put a website together to sell their wines and to start a wine club only to become extremely frustrated with the process. Not achieving what they desired, they sign up with an internet company that promised to make the process simple. By the time they contacted Big Max’s Studio, they were even more frustrated and did not think their dream of selling their wines directly to customers all over the world and build a wine club would ever come true.

Big Max’s Studio has built both the Wine Store and Wine Clubs using WordPress and the primary framework of WooCommerce. Several add-on plugins were required to achieve these goals. To include the Wine Club, the plugins Memberships, and Subscriptions were used.

Athena working with an international shipping company had prearranged 116 different shipping charges for all over the world. Using the add-on plugin Table Rate Shipping, all 116 different shipping charges were implemented.

On the property of Terralsole, you can rent either their Villa Terralsole or Studio Fonte Lattaia. The clients have been renting both properties on Airbnb for the last couple of years. They wanted to also be able to rent the properties directly through their website. In doing this, the biggest hurdle was how to import the Airbnb calendar into whatever system we used on the website to prevent double-booking. This goal was accomplished by using the Checkfront Online Book System plugin.

This project took a little longer than originally projected, primarily because the original goal was to work with the software from the internet company they had signed up with. Not being able to get the software to work, we had to start from scratch. In the end, they now have what they dreamed of two years ago.

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