With Facebook being down all day how much money did you lose?

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by: Patricia

Oct 04

The title of the original article was “No, Facebook should not be your company’s website, and here’s why”, written in 2018. Today with Facebook being down since noon Pacific Time, it’s time for a repost. Here are three questions to ask yourself due to their problems:

How angry are your customers that they can’t get ahold of you today?

Will you lose those customers forever?

How much money did you lose today and in the future because of question 2?

Original article:

You’re finally ready to start your new business idea. You have everything in order, but money is tight. Having gone over and over the budget you keep trying to find somewhere to cut back. While discussing it with friends, someone speaks up and says, “Just do a Facebook page, it’s free.” And you respond, “Oh my god, why didn’t I think of that.”

Well, there were probably a lot of reasons why you didn’t think of it. Could one be that in the back of your mind you know it’s not really going to be the same as having a website dedicated to just you? Yes, every company needs a Facebook page, more importantly, every company needs a website.

The benefits of having a website:

You have complete control over the branding of your website, which should be a reflection of your company’s services and vision. Adding your logo and a cover photo is not branding your company.

You will need to build an audience and to do this you will need email addresses. Let’s say you already have a Facebook page and you have 200 followers which is great. But what most people don’t understand is, there is no guarantee that the one person who really wants what you are offering will see it in their feed.

With a well-thought-out lead magnet, you could have brought many of those 200 people to your website were made the choice to sign up to hear from you in the future. Your offer then lands in the inboxes of people who said they wanted to hear from you.

The downfalls to only using Facebook:

It’s crowded, there are now 42 million Facebook business pages. The more friends and pages someone has liked, it is less likely they will see your page in their feed. Consequently, not seeing what you have to offer. But, when they land on your website, you have their undivided attention.

Here’s the biggest downfall of all, if Facebook decides your page doesn’t conform to their latest guidelines, and they seem to change daily, they can take your page down. In a blink of an eye, everything you built just disappeared and you now have to fight with Facebook to get it back.

Are you now ready to move your business to your own website? Let’s chat.


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