My Story

I am an award-winning graphic designer and website developer based in Fort Lauderdale, FL. In 2001, I founded Big Max’s Studio, a woman-owned design firm specializing in startups and small businesses, with their branding and marketing, websites, and publications.

In 2016 the first time I submitted anything to Graphic Design USA I won the “American Graphic Design Award” for the logo design for  Patti & Hank. The award followed me in 2017, 2018, and 2019, for the website design  Terralsole,  the book cover design for  “Think you can’t write? Think again!”, and finally the package design for RegalVTShine flat iron.

I am a Certified Digital Business Consultant, as well as a WordPress Care Plan Specialist. In 2010, I switch from HTML websites and began developing and designing all websites in WordPress. While I specialize in authors, entrepreneurs, and event planners, my designs have also included lawyers, accountants,  florists, and media companies. Today, most of my clients are e-commerce businesses.

I have written three books and am the primary blogger for Tropic Moon Media.



How did I come up with the name “Big Max’s Studio”? Here’s the short story.

Throughout the firm’s life it’s had a couple of different names and a couple of different partners. After the last partnership I decided it was time to change the name, again. Unfortunately, at this same time we had to put our big lovable lab, Max of 13 years down. A few weeks later with much excitement I came home and announced that I had found a new name for the firm. The only comment, “what to now?” I replied, “Big Max’s Studio!” It was the first time I’d seen a smile in weeks and I knew I had picked the right name.

There is only one way to describe “Big Max” a typical lovable black lab who wanted nothing more than a few extra biscuits a day and at all times to be under your feet.

Big Max

Guardian Angel

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