Distinctive Print Design

Big Max’s Studio has been a cornerstone in the world of print design for over two decades. From creating eye-catching ads for neighborhood magazines to sophisticated layouts in national publications like Luxe and Architectural Digest, our expertise covers a broad spectrum. We’ve designed striking book covers and interiors, informative brochures, extensive catalogs, and compelling rack cards. We’ve also played key roles in political campaigns, producing all the necessary materials to make an impact.

My journey as a graphic designer began in an era when tools like radiograph pens and rubylith were the standards. Crafting designs meticulously by hand and positioning photographs with glue for “For Position Only” (F.P.O.) was part of the process. This deep-rooted experience, combined with modern technology, allows Big Max’s Studio to blend traditional craftsmanship with contemporary innovation.

Ad Design

Audiobooks, Books, Brochures, Catalogs, Packaging, Postcards