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Rejection – how it’s delivered matters

Rejection is something no one likes. Sometimes it’s stings and other times the comments are good for reflection. Could your work or performance have been better? With one group of people you get awards, with another they leave you feeling that perhaps you should...

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The Basics: Part One – How Color Can Work for You

The BasicsNo matter what color you chose, every color begins with the use of the color wheel. Created by Isaac Newton in 1666 the color wheel, even with all of its transformations is still the main tool today for selecting the correct color(s) for any project. How do...

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A little card company that could

Way back when, when I graduated from art school, one of my biggest dreams was to have my own greeting card company. There were two big problems with that dream – the biggest being I didn’t have a clue as to what kind of cards I wanted to design. Then right...

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Food for thought on autoplay GIFs on Facebook

This food for thought episode is not to whine about something, for the sake of whining, it’s a public service announcement on how the autoplay GIFs affect many. They look fun, they may express something for you better than words, but for some, I included,...

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Developer or Designer? Which are You or are You Both?

Are you a developer or designer, is an age-old question that seems to have no answer?  If I’m asked, I answer, both. Though I was once told, “You are really just a designer.” I had no response. I do know that reinforced my “imposter syndrome genie.” Does...

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An image is worth a 1,000 words; or is it?

An image; how many times have you heard that it speaks louder than words? In most cases that’s true, but what happens when it’s not. When your client sends you an image that they firmly believe is, “Just what we need for the website,” and all you want to say is,...

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I promise, no later than Monday

I promise, two words all freelancers, small agencies, and the self-employed hear more than they care to. We all have had clients that when we hear those two words, we know we’ll be calling back, and quite often calling back, and calling back, week after...

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