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Why you don’t rent your website

What do you mean “Don’t rent your website?” Are you on Squarespace, Weebly, Wix or using a website builder provided by your hosting company? Then you are renting your website. Here are four examples why you should not rent your website Sorry, your access is denied! If...

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Be careful about what you wish for

A client decided to run Google Ads on two products that they are trying to get some traction on. One of the ads stated: Hair Loss Treatment | Hair Loss Shampoo Free Samples. Reactivates hair follicle stem cells, causing a new cycle of hair growth! Both started with...

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The death of the sidebar

My website designs are known for being well thought out and easy to navigate. One of the first steps I took in achieving this was to get rid of the sidebar. At first, not everyone understood my logic, that was until smartphones and tablets became the main devices for...

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Silencing the voices in my head

We all have them, the voices that wake you up in the middle of the night, or are sitting on your shoulder during the day asking, “What are you thinking? Who told you could do that? Why would anyone listen to you?” They go on and on, and you continue to listen to them....

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Rejection – how it’s delivered matters

Rejection is something no one likes. Sometimes it’s stings and other times the comments are good for reflection. Could your work or performance have been better? With one group of people you get awards, with another they leave you feeling that perhaps you should...

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The Basics: Part One – How Color Can Work for You

The BasicsNo matter what color you chose, every color begins with the use of the color wheel. Created by Isaac Newton in 1666 the color wheel, even with all of its transformations is still the main tool today for selecting the correct color(s) for any project. How do...

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A little card company that could

Way back when, when I graduated from art school, one of my biggest dreams was to have my own greeting card company. There were two big problems with that dream – the biggest being I didn’t have a clue as to what kind of cards I wanted to design. Then right...

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Food for thought on autoplay GIFs on Facebook

This food for thought episode is not to whine about something, for the sake of whining, it’s a public service announcement on how the autoplay GIFs affect many. They look fun, they may express something for you better than words, but for some, I included,...

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