I’ve always wanted to design a font set. Today I read about a challenge on Instagram called “My Beautiful Alphabet (#mybeautifulalphabet).” The goal is to design a font for each letter of the alphabet for the next 26 weeks. The font can be drawn by hand, roughly sketched, or you can take a font already created and alter or embellish it.

I jumped at the challenge. To create the letter A, I started on my Wacom tablet drawing out the basic lines. After I had the lines positioned where I wanted them, I then applied different point sizes of the Calligraphy brush in Illustrator.

I am an awarding winning logo and website designer who when not designing logos and websites, likes to write about how the industry has changed and what it looks to become in the future. I started designing websites around 1995. For the past 8 years, all sites have been developed in WordPress. Originally, I would develop the site in HTML and then convert those files to WordPress. Today all child themes are built on the framework of Divi. Guest blogger at 3lovablelabs,  Tropic Moon Media, and Patti & Hank.

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