Will the logo be unique – Copycat logos will only fail and be confusing to your clients and or customers. A unique logo design will stand the test of time. A logo that is designed with today’s latest trends will quickly look dated and need to be replaced.

Will the logo be functional – Great logo design will easily work on the web, promotional products, signage and your stationery.

Will the logo represent my company – Your logo sets the tone for your company.  The style of the logo must be easily identified with the industry/products/services you market.

Will the logo follow solid basic design principles – It should be obvious for the necessity of a great logo. It must be designed well, work well and look good.

American Graphic Design Award to Big Max's Studio
The award winning logo design above was designed for my stationery company patti & hank. Since the time I started Big Max’s Studio invitations were part of my business. That worked well for years, but early last year, I asked myself and a lot of friends the following question,

“What sounds better an invitation from “Big Max’s Studio” invitation or an invitation from “patti & hank?” Yes, another company name with one of our Labrador retrievers in it. I just can’t help it. As I write this is he’s right behind my chair relaxing.

Everyone said patti & hank. So began the process to create the new brand. My main goal was elegance, but not fluff. I’ll be upfront, my invitations are not cheap. They are all custom designs that require hours of hand gluing and cutting. Also, most include hand tied bows and things like raffia.

I wanted the following to be used in the design:

A script font since they are based on writing with a quill or metal nib of a pen. Primarily I was looking for something that had more of a calligraphy look to it.To only use lower case.

To only use lower case. That eliminated a lot of the overly what I call “swirly” fonts.

The ampersand sign was to be the icon of the design.

Finally, and probably the most important to be timeless.

The font chosen for patti & hank was Carolyn Pro Black and for the ampersand, I started with Bernhard Modern and modified it. For the tagline descriptions, I used Gills San, one of my “go to” fonts.

Not sure where to start with your logo? Please give me a ring and let’s see what we can design together.

Patricia Meyer

Patricia Meyer


I am an awarding will logo designer who when not designing logos and websites, likes to write about how the industry has changed and what it looks to become in the future. I started designing websites around 1995. For the past 7 years, all sites have been developed in Wordpress. Originally, I would develop the site in HTML and then convert those files to Wordpress. Today all child themes are built on the frame work of Divi. Guest blogger at Elegant Market Place and Tropic Moon Media.

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