Nine Flights – Four airports in four weeks


Not being one who flies a lot anymore, all of a sudden between April and May of 2017, I found myself on nine different flights on four different airlines in four weeks. This is a humorous look at the trials and tribulations of flying nowadays.

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For example, they can serve passengers in First Class food and beverages, but not people in Coach (now known as Economy) because the flight is “bumpy.” Really!? To airports becoming mini shopping malls that have high-end stores such as Brooks Brothers, so you can pop in and purchase a new suit. Then have tailored just in time before your flight takes off, so you can then cram it in the overhead storage because your carryon bag is already full? Lastly to the airlines themselves. From delayed flights and the trouble that causes everyone. To the new “Basic Economy” tickets that leave you scratching your head wondering who stayed up late one night thinking their new rules and regulations.

The download contains both mobi and epub formats.

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