logo design

your logo design should memorable

As an award-winning logo designer, it is one of my favorite things to design. All logos, branding, and identities I design follow the four basic principles of great design:

Be unique – Copycat logos will only fail and be confusing to your clients/customers. A unique logo, branding or identity design will stand the test of time. A logo, branding or identity that is designed with today’s latest trends will quickly look dated and need to be replaced.

Be functional – Great logo, branding, and identity design will easily work on the web, promotional products, signage and your stationery.

Represent your company – Your logo, branding, and identity set the tone for your company.  The style must be easily identified with the industry/products/services you market.

Follow solid basic design principles – It should be obvious for the necessity of a great logo, branding or identity. They must be designed well, work well and look good.