print design

ads, brochures and political campaigns
Print designs from ads for neighborhood magazines to national magazines such as Luxe and Architectural Digest, books (covers and insides), brochures, catalogs, rack cards and everything needed for a political campaign has been part of Big Max’s Studio for 20 years. I began my career as a graphic designer when we still used tools such as radiograph pens and rubylith. You had a photograph to work with, and glued it for “F.P.O.”

Ad Design

  • l'Hermitage Magazine Ad Campaign
  • New River Fine Art Ad
  • I'Hermitage Magazine Ad
  • Tim Elmes Group Ad
  • New River Fine Art Ad
  • Tim Elmes Group

Books, Brochures, Catalogs, Postcards and Rack Cards

  • Book Cover Design - Big Max's Studio
    Louise Gilbert Book Cover
  • Book Cover - Big Max's Studio
    Think you can't write?
  • Port St. Joe Brochure
  • Lisa Curtin & Associates Brochure
  • Onsite Clinic Brochure
  • Marina Bay Brochure
  • Eduardo de San Angel
  • Rack Card for Lauderdale Yacht Charters
  • Tim Elmes Group
  • New River Fine Art Catalog for Purvis Young
  • Salvador Dali Catalog for New River Fine Art


Political Campaigns

  • Evan Jenne Magazine Ad
  • Congressman Allen West Invitation
  • Barbar Stern Campaign
  • Barbar A. Stern Campaign Sign
  • Judge Rodriguez Campaign Sign
  • Judge Susan Lebow Campaign Sign
  • Evan Jenne Campaign Sign


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