We all have them, the voices that wake you up in the middle of the night, or are sitting on your shoulder during the day asking, “What are you thinking? Who told you could do that? Why would anyone listen to you?” They go on and on, and you continue to listen to them. Well, at least I do. That was until a couple of weeks ago.

In January, a friend talked me into applying to be a speaker at WordCamp Miami 2019 on my e-book “How Color Can Work for You.” Not being one to shy away from applying for all kinds of things, I did. A couple of weeks later I got my acceptance email and didn’t think much more about it. That was until just before I was ready to speak.

I liked my presentation; I had practiced it several times. So much so while walking my dog I could almost say the entire thing to myself from memory. I even went through the entire thing with a friend. But as I set up my computer and got my microphones ready. Yes, microphones, there were two of them one for the group I was speaking to and the other for the live stream for people all over the world to hear. They started.

One after another, “What are you doing? Do you know you are going to talk too fast? Do you really think you can do this? What makes you an expert?” Left with no other choice, I took a deep breath, and silently said to myself, “Oh shut up! Enough of you and your negative vibes! Yes, I can do this!” 

With what seemed like a flash, suddenly I was saying out loud, “Hi, my name is Patricia Meyer and I’m the CEO, COO, CFO and head janitor of Big Max’s Studio, a creative agency in Fort Lauderdale, Florida…”

The rest is history, the presentation was well received, and hopefully, the voices have taken up residence in someone else’s head.

Are you holding yourself back because of the voices in your head? They are easier to get rid of than you may think. Let’s chat.

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