With the advent of “Throw Back Thursday” on Facebook, a lot of us have started looking through old photographs. How many times have you come across a picture of a beloved family member or yourself that has been damaged due to water, folding, sunlight, too many years in the frame? The list goes on and on.

Before today’s technology in order to restore a photograph, you had to find a photographer or artist with retouching paints and dark room. First the photographer/artist would take a picture of your original,  develop it then work his magic on the copy.  This was not only a very long process, it was extremely costly.

With the advancement in scanners and various computer programs, today’s restoration process is much different. Not only can you now remove every scratch, tear and fading; but also by using a trained artist you can fix damage to eyes, noses, ears and clothing.

While technology has made the process less costly it is still time consuming.  Both of the pictures above have approximately 10 to 15 hours worth of work in them. Generally you work on an inch at a time. As I said before the process we use now is less costly, but it is it not cheap to have it done either. That being said, this is a wonderful gift to give and a great way to extend your family history.

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