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An image is worth a 1,000 words; or is it?

An image; how many times have you heard that it speaks louder than words? In most cases that’s true, but what happens when it’s not. When your client sends you an image that they firmly believe is, “Just what we need for the website,” and all you want to say is,...

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I promise, no later than Monday

I promise, two words all freelancers, small agencies, and the self-employed hear more than they care to. We all have had clients that when we hear those two words, we know we’ll be calling back, and quite often calling back, and calling back, week after...

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Typography; a wonderful world of typefaces for everyone

Typography; for some it is a mystery for others it’s a world of wonder. I fall into the second group. For as far back as I can remember, studying the different nuances of all of the typefaces out there has been a joy for me. I’ve always felt fortunate to have gone to...

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The client closet; is it past time to clean it?

With fall just around the corner, it’s time to clean the closet and switch out my summer clothes for fall and winter ones. Okay, I live in Florida I don’t really do this, but after the last couple of weeks, I do need to do it with my client closet....

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Non-profit a Divi Child Theme Design

Are you a non-profit in need of a website but don’t have a large budget? Or, do you have a Non-profit client on a limited budget?  Then Big Max’s Studio’s Non-profit Child Theme is for you. This Child Theme is compatible with Divi Version 3+. Non-profit will work for...

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My nightmare and why I’m back on Pinterest cautiously

In February, I starting using the WordPress plugin Blog2Social. All of my social media accounts connected with no problems except for Pinterest. For some reason, Pinterest absolutely would not accept the password I entered. I knew it was correct, because well, I’m not...

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Divi vs. Elementor and GeneratePress

I have been using Divi by Elegant Themes since late 2014. During that time I have developed approximately 80 websites, as well as developed and sold child themes. Last year, I authored the book “Dos and Dont’s + 30 + Divi CSS Snippets + Manually Moving WordPress.” I’m...

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Facebook and their new ad policies gone awry

I write and post blog articles on Facebook each week for a client. Often, I will “Boost” the post in the hopes of reaching more people. All of the articles are on the Florida Everglades and range from invasive plants and species to the fragile water...

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